Big Band Transcriptions

Big Band Transcription

Transcribing a Big Band chart requires a great deal of experience & patience! As well as good ears, a knowledge of arranging and style is also required as some parts will simply be inaudible.



How’s It Work?

Send us your audio and we give you a set price. We complete the work & show you that it’s been completed.
Pay using Paypal or bank transfer & receive PDF files straight away.
Our charts are transcribed solely by ear, using audio software to loop sections so that we can notate the instruments in the notation software.
This process is time consuming and requires a great deal of knowledge and experience.


Customer Feedback:

“What a superb piece of work!!…….. I am very impressed with the totally professional, skillful way you have executed this job. Please send your bill….it will be a pleasure to pay for such high quality work.” – Nigel, professional musician

“It just arrived!! And it’s brilliant, thanks. I’ll be after more, as I have a few favourite pieces that I could have a stab at now …..Best wishes,”

“James you are our man, we want to work with you forever :))) You have done a great job communicating with us and are on top of the game 🙂 “